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Dejan Lovren on life with Van Dijk and how he’s supporting him



Reds defender adjusting to organization with club record marking

Dejan Lovren is as yet adjusting to existence with Virgil van Dijk – and has pledged to enable the defender to adapt to the desire of playing at Liverpool.

Van Dijk has ventured straight into the Reds’ first group following his club record £75million entry from Southampton in January.

The Dutch universal was joined forces by Lovren in last Wednesday’s 5-0 Champions League triumph at Porto, just the second game the team have begun a game together.

And keeping in mind that Lovren concedes there is a lot of extension for development, he is quick to help Van Dijk stay away from the entanglements that hampered his own particular early Anfield profession.

“I think he is doing great,” said the Croatian.

“He will improve the situation and better every time (he plays), and he is the best centre-back.

“It’s still crisp, everything for him is new. We are as yet adjusting to each other.

“He has all the reinforcement from us. We are helping him, and we haven’t had commonly to play with each other and to be straightforward just had a few instructional courses together (before the first game), so it’s as yet an adjustment. I think we have done it great.

“You need time for adjustment. Players are youthful. However, desire is enormous. It’s troublesome in some cases to adapt to that.

“We have to help him and stay with him even in extreme conditions such as with me before all else.

“When I came here, it was somewhat harsh, yet he is a major man, a major person who has confidence in himself and that is the essential thing.”

Lovren is contending with Joel Matip and Ragnar Klavan for a beginning part close by Van Dijk, having been a first-group general this season before the Dutchman’s landing.

Be that as it may, the defender recognizes squad revolution has turned into the standard under Jurgen Klopp.

“When you’re fit you need to play each game,” he said. “Be that as it may, with the recreations week in week out, it’s unrealistic to play each game taking care of business level.

“A few changes are critical, and the administrator knows when a player is entirely fit or he’s somewhat worn out. He has done it great with every one of these turns.

“We gained from a year ago that you can’t keep all similar players (playing). Some person will break, and we will have numerous wounds. This season we have overseen it great.”

Lovren, addressing LFC World, included: “I’m responsible for myself, of my form. Apparently, it depends likewise on the group.

“On the off chance that you play 18 matches unbeaten then they will state you are a standout amongst other centre-backs yet if you don’t defend well as a group then they will blame you since they anticipate that a defender will take care of the considerable number of issues.

“When we play, we play like a group, we protect like a group, we assault like a group, and right now I feel excellent and sure.”

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